Celebrating the Milestone: The First Production Release of byld.dev

Celebrating the Milestone: The First Production Release of byld.dev

Release V1.0.6.1


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byld.dev is an innovative product specifically designed for Microsoft PowerPlatform, aiming to revolutionize how organizations operate by enhancing agility, fostering faster innovation, and providing cost-effective solutions. It enables users to extend and customize business apps seamlessly, all without the need for writing a single line of code.

With several successful beta releases, we have already replaced a substantial amount of client-side development through our no-code approach. However, our ambition extends further, as we now aim to cover all model-driven apps client development aspects, including forms, command bar (ribbon), views, and apps scripts.

๐Ÿ’ป Website: byld.dev

๐Ÿ“ƒ Docs: docs.byld.dev

Available on Microsoft AppSource

You can access our product on Microsoft AppSource from here

The Vision Behind byld.dev

At byld.dev, our vision is to simplify and accelerate the customization and extension of business applications. We are dedicated to offering tailored features that cater to the needs of PowerPlatform makers. Additionally, we plan to integrate future AI capabilities into byld.dev, creating an even more user-friendly extending experience.

Key Features and Functionality

One of the standout features of byld.dev is its intuitive flow UI, akin to PowerAutomate, which enables effortless construction of client-side logic, streamlining the application development process. Here's a brief overview of the main features and upcoming additions:

No code

Build and configure client-side flows without writing any code.


Enjoy auto-completion for columns, controls, business process flows, functions, and more in flows.

Solution Aware

Easily ship customizations to other environments with byld flows generated files that are solution-aware. Configure automatic rules to add flows and dependencies to specific Dataverse solutions.


Currently, byld flows support extending client-side logic on model-driven apps forms.

Command bar (Ribbon)

We're actively working to support extending Command bars for model-driven apps soon.

Reusable flows

Enhance collaboration by using reusable flows that makers can incorporate into their own flows. Professional developers can also support citizen developers with complex logic usable in their flows.

User Experience and Interface

We place a strong emphasis on creating an intuitive and familiar user experience within the PowerPlatform. The UI of byld flow is akin to PowerAutomate flow UI, ensuring a seamless transition for users.

Community and Collaboration

Our community is hosted on Microsoft Teams, and though we are relatively small at the moment, we actively engage in sharing updates, experiences, and conduct internal meetings to review and receive feedback from our beloved community members. We encourage all PowerPlatform makers to join us and contribute their experiences and valuable feedback.

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Future Roadmap

Our roadmap is ambitious. We strive to provide extensive no-code capabilities across the platform. After successfully extending model-driven apps forms in our beta and first production releases, we're now focused on supporting Command bars, PowerPages, and Dataverse plugins, including custom workflow activities and custom APIs. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the maker experience and ensure the lowest possible technical knowledge requirement.


byld.dev empowers makers to extend apps swiftly, fostering innovation within organizations by minimizing development effort and costs. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the developers, community members, and everyone who contributed to the development of this remarkable product.

Author's Note

I, Ahmad, as the author of byld.dev, draw inspiration from a complex project for a major organization where agility was pivotal. This drove the need for a maintainable and flexible solution, culminating in the birth of byld.dev. Our platform facilitates agile operations, expedites development, and simplifies the creation of rich proof of concepts.

Join our community, embrace the spirit of bylding, and let's shape the future of no-code customization together!